Thursday, May 5, 2016

OOTD: Oh sunny day!

Goodmorning out there!
It's another sunny day here in Belgium and I'm quite happy to see that the weather has changed for the better!
My outfits are always a reflection of how I feel and today... I feel good!

I'm wearing some black and white basics (white shoes, white shirt, black leggings), and I've spiced them up with a pop of colour; this bright yellow blazer (by Moggy's) and a colourful scarf by H&M.

Normally I also wear some gold bangles and a watch, but today I was teaching and the constant noise of my bangles irritate me and my students, so I left those off today.

Thanks for reading!
Get that vitamine D!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring make-up trends :)

Goodmorning all of you!
How have you been doing? I have been so busy working on a bunch of different things (most importantly: my teaching and guiding my students in their learning proces!), which you might have noticed from my absence.
I'm not going to say it's never going to happen again, because honestly, I don't know. The days have just been flying by and I feel like sometimes I can't keep up.

Spring is just around the corner now andere I van barely wait!
Today I'll be showing you my three favourite make-up trends for spring. I absolutely love spring; the birds, the sun, the weather that's still a bit chilly but leaves you hopeful, ah, I can't get enough!


I don't consider glitter to be a trend, simply because I personally wear it all the time, but if you're not the kind of girl that wears glitter on a day to day basis, then no problem! But maybe you could give it a try this spring!

Below, I've linked a very glittery, but oh so gorgeous make-up tutorial for you guys. If, however, you don't like all over the lid glitter, don't worry! Below the first video, you'll find a second one. This second one is more neutral and subtle - glitter eyeliner is your friend this season!

Rosy tones
If you're not really into glitter and all that jazz, or maybe you just want to tone it down for a couple of days, you can always go for rose, pinky tones. I was never a big fan of pink shades until I got the Nude Dude make-up palette by The Balm a couple of months ago. Since then, I've also been experimenting with cranberry/burgundy shades.
Scared this eyeshadow look will make you look sick? Go for pink lips instead! 

Blue eye make-up
I used to be a very huge fan of blue eyeshadows. When I just started out experimenting with make-up, I couldn't get enough of it.
I feel like now, I've come to my senses and I've started to act more natural, but I'm quite happy to see that the pop of colour will be making a comeback this spring.

Again, I've got two tutorials to inspire you! 

Thanks for reading!
Enjoy your first day of May!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Essence all about matt high coverage concealer

Goodmorning you guys! 
I am back at it again with another Essence review! I swear I swear I'm not doing it on purpose, I have just been keeping an eye out on their products since the last couple of times they blew my socks off.
Today I'm reviewing a new concealer that I'm trying. I myself tend to get acne from time to time and well, let's just say concealer can really be a lifesaver for me. I've tried the Essence all about matt BB cream before and I loved it, so I was curious to see what this concealer would do for me.

This concealer comes in a tube. When you squeeze it, the product comes out. I don't really have concealers that work this way, but there's nothing wrong with it.
The packaging of this concealer looks thesame as the BB cream, which is good because then you can see they belong in thesame collection. Obviously I was happy with the BB cream so when I saw this concealer belonged to thesame collection, I didn't doubt it.

Here's what the concealer looks like. I got the lightest colour because I'm quite pale. I wrote down the name of the shop where I got it next to the dot of concealer and I thought, why not see how much of the ink it covers?

It didn't disappoint me! Nearly all of the blue ink is gone with the tiny bit on my hand. In the meantime, I have also been using it underneath my eyes and my conclusion is very simple;
this is just a really good budget concealer. (Quite honestly, I've tried expensive concealers before that were worse than this and cost me 10 times more.)

Once again, I'm going to have to say I'm impressed by Essence's products!
Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Teaching and blogging!

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! 
I thought it would be nice to show you a little more personal side today. The week before the Easter holidays I went on a school trip with the second graders. Normally interns don't get to do this buuuuut I did! I took a couple of nice pictures and thought it'd be fun to show them to you.

We played games, cooked, went to an amusement park, went to a zoo where most of the animals were free. It was so much fun and even though it's a lot of work and it's very tiring, it's great to get to know your students on a more personal level and find out what their passions are.

I also often get asked if it's weird that I'm a teacher and a blogger. No, it's not. I mean, okay, my students can look me up online (which I'm sure they do anyway) and they can actually end up on this blog. Researching what I write, find out what I do in my personal time, watch tutorials, ... 

However, I nearly never get asked about it and if it is brought up, I just say "thanks" or something like that, I don't really go overboard on it. In school, I'm a teacher, not a friend.


Thanks for reading!
I love you guys.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Comparing: MAC's Dark Side vs. Essence's Très Chic

Goodmorning everyone.
How are you doing? I'm so excited about this post day! As you might have seen a couple of days ago I got a new lipstick by Essence called "Très Chic". 
When I saw it in the store, I immediately fell in love. I was very surprised that Essence had a shade like this and didn't quite understand how I'd never seen it before. I mean, I love "Diva" by MAC as much as the next person, but cheaper dupes are always welcome.

Currently, I don't have my Diva lipstick anymore (I used it all up), but I do have the MAC dupe which is called "Dark Side".  I decided put these lipsticks side by side and was once again pleasantly surprised!


It's a shame the lighting is a bit off in the picture above, but you can tell the shades are very, VERY similar.

Let's start with the Essence lipstick. This one retails for €2.39, which isn't a lot.


If you want to, you can read my full in depth review on this Essence lipstick by clicking the link here. Basically I thought the colour pay off was good. The lipstick stays on for about four/five hours (without eating). I like the texture, it's quite smooth to apply. It does dry out my lips a little bit though, I can feel it getting dry throughout the day.

On to the MAC lipstick. This one is called "Dark Side" and it retails for €19.50. Quite a bit more than the previous one, but MAC is famous worldwide for good quality and so it's normal that you have a to pay a bit more. The question of today, however, is if it really is better than the one Essence can also provide us with. If you want to, you can read my in depth review on this lipstick here.

This lipstick is typically what we're used to: good pigmentation, nice texture (gets a little dry during the day), stays on for a good few hours, I mean, I really can't complain!

Just to show you how much these lipsticks look alike, both in colour and in quality, I decided to use both of them on my lips.
I used MAC "Dark side" for the bottom lip and my Essence "Très Chic" lipstick for the upper. Can you tell the difference? I can't.

Essence really blew me away with this one. I think we can say that this lipstick is (almost) an exact MAC dupe.
If you're looking for a dupe, "Très Chic" by Essence is the lipstick you need.

Have a nice day!